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Active Member; Orthodontists who have accepted at least two cases until the application for lingual orthodontics in the field of lingual orthodontics by accepting the aims and principles of the association and the students who are studied / studying in the orthodontics department of the universities can be the active members of the association with their own wishes and board decision.


Volunteer Member; The congress, conference, certificate program etc. dentists or students studying in diplomatic programs in the orthodontics department of universities, who donate to the association in order to benefit from discounted activities, are considered as volunteer members. The discount rates to be used by volunteer members and the annual donation amount required for the discount are determined by the board of directors every year. Volunteer members are not obliged to pay dues. Volunteer members cannot vote at the general assembly.


Honored Member; Persons who have worked in the Lingual Orthodontics for many years and have contributed to the developmentof this branch with various research and publications can be elected to honored membership upon the proposal of at least two full members and the decision of the board of directors. Foreign scientists with these qualifications may also be elected for honored membership. In addition, those who have provided material and moral support to the association can be accepted as honored members with the decision of the board of directors.

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